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Joining the DIX

The DIX is open to any ISP/operator, who wants to exchange traffic with the other operators. The key is the unique BGP AS-number.

The steps in joining are:
  1. Fill out, sign and send the Connection agreement between the interested network/operator and i2. There is no fee in this. Upon finalization of the Connection agreement the operator will be listed in the section Partners. Further you will be registered in the DIX Portal as well as included in the mailinglist related to the DIX.
  2. Decide the endpoint(s) and capacity of the connections and establish the physical connection(s) to the DIX. See the fees for interfaces in the section Service information on this web page. In case you need rack space to accomodate equipment at the site(s), this can be arranged seperately with the hosting providers at the relevant locations. i2 will assign the nescessary IP-adresses for the connection(s). The BGP route-server will be configured to accept a BGP connection from your IP-adresses and the relevant BGP AS-number. The operator will be listed in the Connected networks section.
  3. Start peering
    • you may peer to the BGP-route-server offered by the DIX
    • you may announce yourself on the dix-tech mailing list to establish individual peering agreements.
    • you may establish peering agreements with specific operators present.
    The documents can be downloaded in different formats.